Gas Permeable

biosport_scaleral_brown_225xAvailable in Sphere

Material: Tyro – 97

Available Tint Colors: Gray, Brown, Amber, X-Blue




Patien Selection

1) Irregular Astigmatism

2) Keratoconus

3) Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

4) Corneal Ectasia

5) Dry Eye

6) Post – Refractive

7) Keratoplasty patients


Parameter Ranges

Power: -20.00 to +20.00 in .25 steps

Base Curve: 6.00 mm to 9.50 mm

Diameter: 16.3 mm

Diagnostic Fitting Set

An 8 lens scleral fitting set is available – please contact our consultant

A Diagnostic Fitting set is necessary before you can begin fitting Sclerals


Initial Base Curve Evaluation:

1) We recommend two methods to establish the initial Base Curve to select.

– The first method is to select a B.C. that is 2 diopters steeper than the flat K.

– The second method is to take the medium Curve and select a lens that is one Diopter steeper that the Medium Curve.

2) Fill the cup of the lens with Non-Preserved saline and insert using a DMV suction cup with the hole in the center. Non-Preserved artificial tears can also be used in lieu of saline.

3) For removal:  Use the DMV remover that is at an angle and place the suction cup at the lower portion of the lens and gently remove.  Add Saline prior to removal if needed.

4) The lens should vault over the cornea approx. 150 um to 250 um.

5) Pay attention to the scleral fit to be sure that there is sufficient clearance as to not cause Blanching of the Limbal Vessels.

6) If bubbles form under the lens – the fit is too steep and a flatter B.C. should be selected.

7) Once you have determined the proper B.C., do an over-refraction to determine the final Rx.

8) Call in the order to the lab.


Orion Scleral SAG Chart


6.00 5.85

6.50 5.26

6.75 5.03

7.00 4.83

7.30 4.61

7.50 4.49

7.85 4.29

8.25 4.09